Vanessa Pym

From a young age, Vanessa Pym has been all about music. At just eight, she recorded her first song - a duet cover by "Veggie Tales" with her Mum. It was in that moment, standing in the studio booth, that she fell in love with the art. A few years later, at twelve, she wrote her first songs titled Careless Moments and Without You. Her free time over the holidays was spent playing, tediously rewinding, and replaying Jaci Velasquez tapes until she was able to hit the notes exactly like the singer. Vanessa Pym has toured the United Kingdom, Uganda, the US and Kenya performing as part of a choir and a violinist in a band led by Nick Mwashimba. She credits a lot of her musical progress to this experience. Following this, she chose to focus permanently on being a solo vocalist and recorded her first album "Barely 17" produced by Andrew Mageto at the age of 16. Formerly known as Vanessa Vonroe, Pym later collaborated with EDM producers Lectronica Circle to release an EP. This EP included hits such as "Kenya", "Want You Around" and "I Come Alive". Pym was given the auspicious title of "Kenya's Queen of EDM" and played her part in creating a buzz about the genre in the Kenyan music industry. Following a short hiatus, she rebranded as Vanessa Pym and released "If You Stay". Pym featured and performed the track on NTV's "The Trend". She has also most recently performed on stage with Gilad, Noel Nderitu, Dela, Hart the Band, Moseh the Drummist, DJ EvaRed (Ethiopia) among many more. In 2017 she founded "The Nakuru Street Festival", Nakuru counties most interactive festival, which usually attracts over 500 guests and artists during an event. Pym has teamed up with talented producer Hendrick and is currently releasing songs off her album "9". On the 9th of September, 2019, Pym released her new track "My Love For You"; an upbeat song celebrating the joy of genuine relationship and love.
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