TBaze is a Nigerian born British afrobeats musician. With his debut single Carry You, TBaze was featured on BBC Music as BBC Introducing artist. He further released Stay With Me, The Way and My Place, showing his consistency, yet versatility. 2019 has surely been a good year for TBaze as he started the year with Below, an afro fusion/dance song gaining attention with #BelowDanceChallenge on Instagram. Then releasing Don't Matter a valentine dedicated song, giving TBaze the great opportunity to be included in the R&B UK playlist. TBaze is definitely on a roll with the release of his new single Fire. Summer 2019 is one to look forward to as he is preparing to release awaited visuals for his singles. He said “I want to keep my sound as that which uplifts and make people feel good” #itsTBazeOnceAgaino Follow on social media - TBaze on Instagram, OfficialTBaze on twitter
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