My'key Iso

A refreshing mixture of jazz, soul, and live instrumentations, My’Key Iso (born Michael Isokpehi in Houston, Texas) developed a passion for music stemming from the love of writing art through poems. My’Key - the apostrophe being inspired by OutKast, one of his most esteemed musical inspirations, and Iso, deriving from his hard-to-pronounce last name while also attributing to his introverted and therefore isolated personality. Over the last few years he has expanded his musical talents not only across Houston but across the state of Texas performing at major universities like the University of Texas at San Antonio, University of Houston as well as the acclaimed SXSW music festival. Outside of the college scene, he's made bigger strides to perform on nationwide platforms being one out of over 500 artists chosen to perform at McDonald's and Revolt TV's Local Love Tour - a tour designed to highlight the best local talent across the country. His new song Afrodisiac was premiered on GhettoBlaster Magazine. The record is simply about love. Be on the look out for his upcoming album "Last Name Iso" set to release soon
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