SUPER GOD – KollyDee

Super God is a new inspirational song out now by Kollydee. In his own words “This song means so much to me, I didn’t pick a pen & paper to write this song, it just came to me after months of feeling uninspired, losing my drive, and feeling lost. It was supposed to be a love song but as it had been for the past couple of months I wasn’t able to write even the 1st line or compose any melodies, I slept off with the beat playing in my headphones and woke up to the word “SUPERGOD” the song came complete with verse 1 & verse 2 and a chorus😂 I’m not the most spiritual or religious person but I know this song was sent from God. Cut the long story short, since I got this song, I got my inspiration back, my confidence is back on a 💯, my voice is better than ever I am even singing in falsetto that I never really had 😂. Please enjoy this song and I hope you are blessed by it.

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