Pride – My’Key Iso

Pride is the intro to my album Last Name Iso. My pride has always been my downfall in life. I hated to ask for help and always figured I could handle things myself. Eventually it carried over to my music career and it became frustrating but I still couldn’t fix my lips to ask for help. My pride developed at Amity Park when I use to hoop. I would always yell “Iso” so I could take the defender one on one. Eventually, I started playing my cousin, Jason Ebie, and I could never beat him. I carried my pride for 29 years and seen how it was destroying me.. I had to learn how to let it go. you can listen to my album here – — Prod. By Nate Coop IG: nate_coop Directed by Que Ewing Styled by JazzlinRaquel IG: styledbyraq Mixed and Mastered By Bad Vibe Studios — Website: Twitter: Facebook: IG: Soundcloud:

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