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Glory and honour and praises we give it all to you! You’re worthy, magnificent, Almighty oooh God.

Glory (glory) and honour (and praises) and praises we give it all to you! (You are worthy)You’re worthy, (magnificent)magnificent, (ALMIGHTY GOD) Almighty ooh God!

Lord we lift you ėhigh for you are worthy of our praises x2

Glory (glory and honour) and honour (and praises we give it all) (we give it all to you)(You are worthy of our praises)You’re worthy,(magnificent God )magnificent, (You’re Almighty)ooh God!

(Lord we lift) Lord we (Lord we lift you high)high(for you’re worthy of for you are worthy of our praises)(Lord Jesus we lift you high)(for you’re worthy of our praises)of our(of our praises)

(Ooh ×10)(ooh×11)

Lord ooh Lord
Lord we give(we give you praises), we give you(we give you praises) praise
(We come before you Lord without hands full of praises and say)Lord! (Lord,)we give you(we give you praise)(there is no one like you)Lord(Lord,Lord,Yeah!!)(Joining with the angels and praise you)Lord(We give you praise, Yeah!)(we lift our hands and glorify you)Lord(Lord we give you praise!)(praises!!!)

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