Newness of Life – Javani vassell


Ders newness of Life for u and I,
and it’s only found in Christ the giver of life.
he can change ur ๐Ÿ’“ & change ur mind..
So come out the darkness! & Enter his light…

For the devil come to steal kill & destroy!
He’s tha father’s of lies, and an angel of light
it’s his greatest disguise.So dont be fool b wise,
But open your eyes, this world is getting darker by the day &the night.
Ders no staying on the sidelines, u either chose death or u chose life

So so make a 1,2 step! Believe in ur ๐Ÿ’“ & confess with ur lips x2

Step! Step into the newness!… Newness of liifeee yeah yeye!x2

crucified with Christ n raised to life,
n the heavens open, the father speaks & the spirit descend upon ur head he will b with u until the end
coz ur..

now a daughter or maybe a son, &
The Old is gone! And the new has come,
& Ur frequency is on a new wave,
& ur life now is on a new page!
& A new chapter & a new book,
& U Can now claim back everything hes took…

Joy! Peace! True love! true love! x2

Step into the newness!… Newness of liifeee, yeah yeye!x2

Newness! Newness!(ohh)

Step into the newness!… Newness of liifeee, yeah yeye!x2

From Javani Vassell

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