Can Your God Even

can your god even…(2x)

Can he even…(2x)
(bow for my God, common now for my God, I say bow for my God, oya bow for my God)
can your god create, the universe
Can your god save the oppressed
Can your god lay down his life,just to save humanity
Can your god walk on waters,
Can your god turn water to wine
Can your god die for your sake
Can he rise on the 3rd day..
My God is so legit,
He’s always on point,
I serve a God wey be say,
Him background you no fit trace oh..
He no dey dull for my matter, anything wey wan stop me Him dey scatter..inspire of all my jouncing, He still dey follow me up oh..I serve a very BIG GOD that lives inside of me oh…
son ubok mum JESUS
son ubok mum JESUS kama
any god wey no fit do waitin  my God do na apprentice oh
Akpo do ame dionò
Akpo do AME Dion
If you know,you know
I’m so proud to call Him my daddy
Follow my God oh..
*Verse 2*
I no fit reduce myself oh,to serve god wey na me go fight for
I no fit reduce myself ho,to serve god wey I go put for pocket,
I no fit reduce myself to seve god wey get body part e no dey use am,I no fit reduce myself,to serve a PARMANENT APPRENTICE..
I serve a God, wey no dey fail
no need to kill yourself for his attention,I serve a God, wey too dey do,He can do more than your imagination, I serve a God, wey be say the universe put together dey for him palm eh,I serve a God wey be say for my case He no dey dull eh,I serve a God, that can never ever fail you…
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From Min. Simeon Douglas
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