Bad Guys – Eazi Beatz ft. Furli

“Bad Guys” is an Afrobeats track reintroducing Eazi Beatz as a force to reckon with in the music game. Produced by Eazi Beatz himself, “Bad Guys” tells a story of two friends and their journey in the rap game, and how they are here take their spot in the game.
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Badt Guys

Verse 1


You aint seen nothing

No time, mehn no time dey to feel nothing

They say Eazi on the beat got the people going mad

Eazi on the beat, n*** doing dabs

A long time since i dropped it like its hot

Baby got me turnt like semo in the pot


Mi o ro yan mehn

I’m doing my thing,

Got God in the background and he’s pulling the strings



See I’m doing my thing

My girl independent, yh she doing her thing

See I’ve been killing since I was 16 boy

Got me couple of bars that got your 16s boy


I tell her pause that

Cos the way you dey whine

Dey make me bust bar

And your body dey fine

Like aje buta

Omo mehn,

Kodi e seyin to da bi rucksack


Awon bad guys ti de

Gbe sumo mi ko wa bami sere

Tell her make she shake her bumbum

See I’m from London,

Tell her say the money don come X2

Verse 2 (FURLI)

Yo Eazi

I got this feeling all the time ehn

I know she’s really feeling my style ehn

She wan know wetin I get for pounds

She tell me say money for hand, baby back for ground

Cos she see me down in London

And Im spilling silly while my n*** Eazi banging that percussion

Ko easy, but o ma easy

The young king in the building so the money don sure

And dem other boys ole fara we

Got them praying for some brains cos we hot like tatashe

Barclays Bank, ain’t so faraway

And Then we step into the spot and light it up like faraday



So baby buss back

And keep it moving like some clock work

Her baca nah fire wey Dey for bum shorts

When you say it’s soft, she just turn into some soft work for the bad guys



Now how you gonna tell me you ain’t in it when you feeling the game,

Only dude to bring it back and kill it again

I came through, dropped a verse now I’m leaving again

Now you wanna hop in the Benz like I’m hitting again uh?

Baby girl I came from London,

But it no mean say the boy sef nah dum dum

Only wanna dance when we make it rain all night,


Make it rain till it’s sunrise,


Cut the check, I’m going in, bout to kill it again

One of the best, guess I gotta do it again

It’s all good, say a prayer when I’m feeling the pain

I gotta represent the city when they screaming the name

Nah we dey bust bar

We dey run things

We dey rock jand

We dey chop beans

We dey fuck stars

We be new kings

We be rock stars

If dem wan beef

Make dem come start

But the sure thing

Nah we be bad guys


From Eazi Beatz

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